No Guns – Just Roses!


            Teresa                                                            Dora                                                                          Emma

rose print

Roses is what we love!

I wonder about this possible scenario, imagine if you don’t classify roses as your favourite flowers, but you see rose print trend everywhere, would you surrender and just blindly jump on a bandwagon?  As to me, I am on TWO bandwagons already, you can see my two looks on the left, I now love flowers and floral print more than whenever but within sensible limits.

This love is newly born just as the one for biker jackets, which I talked about in this post here

With regards to roses in particular, I think whatever form they are implemented in or surface they cover: jewellery, clothes, accessories, footwear, home textiles …..  they definitely provide feminine, flirty and girly charm,  vintage feel, lady like vibe, interpretations can vary indeed.

I don’t mind having my life in roses figuratively but literally I am not prepared to see them everywhere as far as my wardrobe or home deco is concerned, if you see my point.  How about you?

I mean how far would you go? Would you go as far as sleeping in rose print sleepwear covered with silky roses print bedclothes ? :)


I like these rose print goodies below, especially the jacket and the bombers, I think they would beautifully go with denim,  black or white dress or pants  and they won’t fade away, on the contrary, rose print is another eternal classics just like houndstooth print or Chanel bag, don’t you think?

top collage

 1. here 2. here 3. here 4. here 6. here 7. here 8. here

accessory collage   2. here

As we are into spring and then summer comes along, we all want to look beautiful and super cool,  I have collected few gorgeous dresses within reasonable price frame.  I absolutely love Ted Baker dresses (N1-2-3), I think the print and the design of dresses are outstanding, do you like any of these Rose beauties?

dress collage 2                                                       1. here  2. here  3. here  4. here  5. here  6. here  8. here


Rose print is so vibrant and colorful and for this reason it goes very nice with denim, Gosh, I think there is nothing that cannot go with denim :) Denim+ Roses= Another Match in Heaven, just like  Denim+Stripes.  You have seen my version of styling rose print or accessory, here and above are some gorgeous lady bloggers with their own ways of styling this hot trend,  all these looks and many more can be found on Chictopia

Thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting, I absolutely love to hear what you think <3, I wish you a very nice week ahead and may you and your life blossom like roses literally and figuratively!

see you very soon! <333

three roses1


collage 2

                          Diana                                                   Marie                                                          Dora

collage 3

                  Jessica & Martha                                                Kasia                                                                    Lidia

collage 4

                                       Francesca                                                                                      Tania

collage 5

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  1. I absolutely love this post :-) I really like this kinda print and I recently got myself a skirt with roses on – can’t wait to post pictures of it on my blog! Your selection of items is amazing, if only I had so much money to get all of these bomber jackets!! :-)

    • Hello Carmen, thank you so much for wonderful comments on my post, I also wish I was loaded to be able to afford lovely staff that I found, have a great weekend sweetie! <3 xoxo

  2. Awee this post was like made for me as I am such big floral print lover! Thank you for showing us those gorgeous garments and looks of amazing girls totally rocking this print! Thanks to you I got to know some really great bloggers!
    Inspiring post & I just cannot wait for spring to finally set in!

    • Oh, thank you Maddie, this is such a beautiful and very kind comment of yours! I think you have absolutely amazing blog and very beautiful style, wish you a great weekend! <3 xoxo

  3. Looking through all the floral pieces you posted, I love them all!! I especially love the retro sunglasses and heels that Tiffany has paired them with.
    I am definitely not one to wear roses everyday though. It’s just way too happy for me haha. And I am loving those floral socks you featured. Very cute!

    xx Cissy

    • Hi, Jackie, thank you so much! I agree with you, they are beautifully pulling off the floral theme, aren’t they? <3 xoxo

  4. Roses belongs to my absolutely favourites, dear Zhanna, and I love it to wear this pattern. I think I own already some pieces with roses in my closet especially broochs in nearly each colour you can imagine :)

    And you picked so many lovely pieces with roses, I felt immediately in love with the blouson with the roses and the stripes and now I’m thinking honestly about to order it …

    My weekend was great, very relaxing, although the weather wasn’t really nice and the snow returned as already mentioned. But I like it if the weather is not too good, it’s a good reason to stay at home!

    xoxo from Bavaria/Germany, Rena <3

  5. I love the pieces you’ve featured and floral is one of my favorite prints for spring. But like you I tend to wear it in moderation. I love the both of your looks the vest with the pin and the floral skirt with the biker jacket are both along what and how I style, great minds think a like as they say! I hope you had a wonderful weekend Zhanna! Hope we hear from you again soon, we always look forward to your wonderful and heartfelt comments. In the mean time keep the great posts coming!

    • Hi, Jodi! thank you so much for such a great comment, I am very pleased to hear that you like my post and my floral theme styling. Wish you a great week darling! <3 xoxo

    • Hi, Natalie! thank you so much for you lovely comment, it is very nice of you to acknowledge my efforts <3 Wish you a nice a week darling! <3 xoxo

  6. OMG, you certainly made my day today, darling Zhanna!! Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog!!! What an amazing surprise!!
    I was never the girl who wore bold flower prints, I always preferred solid colors to prints, including flower prints and rose prints,… But lately I changed my mind and I’m loving this trend and incorporating it in my daily outfits as well. Both your outfits are fantastic examples of how to incorporate this trend without going too far and looking like a flower garden (not that I have anything against a bold rose/flower print whole outfit, but it really needs a certain mindset and attitude to pull off such a statement look and it wouldn’t fit on most people’s everyday lifestyle.
    Today I’m wearing a pair of wide pants in navy blue and black that I’ve sewn in the weekend (sewing is the ultimate relaxing experience to me and I felt reborn after completing this new project) but unfortunately it was raining a lot when I left home in the morning and I was impossible to take outfit pictures…. I’m hoping Miguel will be willing to take some photos later today…
    Lots of love, my darling and a very warm hug!!!
    Tany et La Mode

    • Hello, my dear darling! I am so CHUFFED that I managed to deliver some little surprise for you sweetie! I absolutely love your outfit that I featured in this post, you look so beautiful in it!
      You are such an inspiration to me, you always look amazing! I so so hope your dear husband will take pictures of your outfit, can’t wait to see it!!! It is pouring here cats and dogs, hopefully tomorrow will be nicer! Wish you a great week and lots of sunshine ahead my darling, lots of love, kisses and big hugs to my gorgeous friend! <3333333333 xoxoxo

    • Thank you so so much Kiri! I am so happy you like it, because it did take me SOME time to produce :) and this was half of my weekend :) <3 xoxo

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