One Piece & Flowers


One Piece & Flowers

Hello sweeties and Happy Wednesday!

Hope Spring is turning Spring where you are, we are supposed to live rain free for about a week, YAY!

It is so much warmer, yesterday on our return home from school we could see a couple of women sunbathing with the sunglasses on on their balconies.  People are simply desperate for the Sun kiss, so am I :)

I am wearing today a one piece set- vest+pants, as soon as I saw it, I knew how was going to style it.  So here I am with floral brooches on my chest, and this is the first time in life that I am actually wearing flowers, and I so like them that probably this is not the last time that you see them:)  I am sorry guys for the same setting, but I and my son had to come to the same place again because this is the only spot where there are hardly any people and pictures magically tend to turn very nice IMO :)

I have seen so so many looks, and I can say  for sure that wearing flowers on a top is not a trend at all, but why not, isn’t it pretty? what do you think gals?

Do you guys wear flowers? and one more question, did you like my one piece set and its styling?

set -Dorothy Perkins      stripe top- H&M     flowers- H&M     boots-Steve Madden    cardigan-H&M20140307_141624 one-piece1.alt one-piece2.alt one-piece3.alt one-piece4.alt one-piece5.alt one-piece6.alt

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  1. Hi Zhanna;)

    This suit is such a classic and I totally LOVE how you attached the flowers!
    Attaching flowers like a brooch has not been trending for a while and I completely forgot about it, but I think it should!
    You are bringing the trend back after always being such a classic, thanks so much for reminding us!
    So happy to hear you have a son too!
    Kids are prescious!

    Love your blog, I’ve been scrolling around it!!

    Keep in touch and enjoy a fabulous start of the week!

    xx Tamara Chloé

    • Hi, Tamara, thank you so much for fantastic comments, I am very pleased to know that you liked my post about roses, wish you nice week darling! <3 xoxo Zhanna

    • HI, dear Marlen! I am so glad you liked you my outfit, and I am sorry I wasn’t able to visit your blog recently since the weather got nicer I spend more time outside with my son and I literally have no time for blogging these sunny days. I will try to be around today or tomorrow! Wish you a nice weekend darling! <3 xoxo

  2. Great look! I love the vest! It’s perfect! I’ve really been wanting a vest/pants to wear as a set. I had a fabulous one a few years back and gave away the vest!!! Silly me! Anyway, I love this!

    xo, Kenya

    • Hi, Kenya love! thank you for lovely comment! I am glad you liked my outfit, what I realized with blogging is that I am not giving anything away now, everything can be so handy to create a good look. Wish you a nice weekend sweetie! thanks for stopping by! <3 xoxo

  3. Hi dear Zhanna! So sorry that the weather was so bad the last time in your region. As already mentioned we are so lucky that we have at the moment a wonderful and very warm spring here.

    But with your outfit comes the sun! This suit is great and I like the flower brooches you added so much, not only because I like it also to wear such brooches :)

    Wish you much better weather and a wonderful weekend!

    Kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Hi dear Rena! thank you so much for such a great comment! we are blessed right now with the weather, hopefully it will stay like this for as long as possible. I am so glad you liked my outfit and my flowers :) Thank you for the good weather wishes, this is such a necessary wish for people in Ireland, especially when the St.Patrick’s Day is approaching :) <3 xoxo

    • Thank you Maddie! I am very happy you liked my flower detail, because as I mentioned in the post, I have never worn such type of accessory, so wasn’t very confident about wearing them, just went for them :) <3 xoxo

  4. Hello Zhanna darling!!! I’m glad to see your happy face perhaps because the weather is so fine and also because you must be feeling like a million dollars in this outfit! I think you are very “on trend”: you’re mixing patterns (stripes and prince of wales, if I’m not mistaken) balancing the classical plaid print with the joyful stripes; you’re also adding a color hint by the means of the lovely flower brooch (I love brooches, btw, I think they are never out of fashion), and your one-piece suit is also brilliant and so fashionable! This is a winner outfit, I love it very much and it suits you wonderfully!
    Thank you for the lovely comment earlier on my personal style blog, I was very flattered! I replied right away :)
    Many hugs and kisses, hope the good weather continues so we can see more of your outfits!!

    • My dear Teresa, thank you so so much! what can I say more, your wonderful compliment has instilled me with so much confidence and inspiration, believe me darling, I am VERY happy that you liked my look today! And yes, you are right about the weather, it is going to be nice for the whole week, and the long awaited warm weather has already made a huge positive impact on me like: I want to eat less and dress up:))) Lots of love to you my dear Teresa, kisses and warmest hugs! <33333333 Zhanna

    • Hi, Lubka, thank you so much, you are right the flowers had to do their thing to make the set more feminine. <3 xoxo Zhanna

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