St. Patrick’s Day – Parade


Parade!!!  As I promised here is the follow up post of the Parade that was held today in the city centre of Cork starting at 1pm and lasted for about 2 hours. The weather was OK-eyish, a very light drizzle on and off and chilly, but Gosh! There was so much fun, that nobody was bothered with the weather really. I met up with my friend to watch the event and we tried to find the spot from where we could see everything as close as possible, I hope my pictures are good enough for you to be able to see the event.

The Parade

The whole city centre was absolutely ‘flooded’ with people,  everybody was waiting patiently for the parade to start :)

The parade started pretty much on time and was opened by a group of motorcyclists followed by very cool military trucks, then by the music orchestra, after that very old or how they also can be called- collectible cars but in very good condition :) made an appearance …parade

20140317_130809 20140317_130724

20140317_131055 20140317_131105 20140317_131130

and suddenly the crowd started cheering like crazy, I couldn’t understand why until I saw with my own eyes the world renowned celebrity dancer, the creator of RIVER DANCE , who I used to watch on TV like glued to it when I was at school and was absolutely mesmerized by the magic dance and great personality and super charm of  MICHAEL  FLATLEY  !!!!!!

I did try to make a good photo, see if you can recognize this Great Man who was the biggest highlight of the event of course!

20140317_131044 20140317_131046

OMG! today people enjoyed and saw it all, starting from fire blowing to the opera singing.  All the parade onlookers were marvelling at the spectacular performances from the national communities of Poland, China, Sudan, India, Philippines, Lithuania,  arts clubs and dance academies, Cork Institute of Technology, community and sporting groups (Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Gymnastics) from all over the city and county, along with five specially commissioned pieces, created by renowned street theater companies, and inspired by legendary tales, including:  Johan and the Whale by SPRAOI, The Phoenix by Bui Bolg, large scale inflatable floats by LUXe, the Tractor Factor with Dowtcha puppets, and Life Beats from Cork Community Art Link.

I will leave you for now and hope you enjoy the pictures of the beautiful parade :) xoxo
20140317_131510 20140317_131828 20140317_131837 20140317_131846 20140317_131855 20140317_131920 20140317_131924 20140317_132024 20140317_132027 20140317_132045 20140317_132222 20140317_132413 20140317_132423 20140317_132443 20140317_132551 20140317_132628 20140317_132730 20140317_132739 20140317_132814 20140317_132826 20140317_132835 20140317_132853 20140317_132918 20140317_132931 20140317_132945 20140317_133118 20140317_133145 20140317_133154 20140317_133316 20140317_133416 20140317_133502(0) 20140317_133510 20140317_133549 20140317_133705 20140317_133914 20140317_134013 20140317_134038 20140317_134105 20140317_134119 20140317_134206 20140317_134210 20140317_134221 20140317_134301 20140317_134311 20140317_134418 20140317_134458 20140317_134511 20140317_134525 20140317_134553 20140317_134616 20140317_134626 20140317_134631 20140317_134701 20140317_134723 20140317_134746 20140317_135422 20140317_135621 20140317_135629 20140317_135955 20140317_140006 20140317_140037 20140317_140111 20140317_140119 20140317_140140 20140317_140202 20140317_140210 20140317_140213 20140317_140228 20140317_140316 20140317_140327 20140317_140454 20140317_141037 20140317_141140

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  1. Yes there is no other nationality day as this celebrating world wide
    Everybody who watching or join parade become to part of the festival.
    Be green!;)

  2. Hi dear Zhanna! Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting parade here :) So I had also a bit St. Patrick’s day, what we don’t celebrate here in Bavaria. How great that you saw your star from the past, I can imagine that you couldn’t believe your eyes!

    The parade has some similarities with the parades which we have here in Bavaria during Carnival, this was funny for me to see.

    And even the weather was not too bad!

    The weather here in Bavaria is furthermore unbelievable great. Today we had 20 °C …

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • I am so glad you liked it dear Rena! You are so right, I really couldn’t believe my eyes, especially that I had seen Michael Flatley on TV few days prior the parade :)))
      WOW! Weather in Bavaria seems to be absolutely gorgeous, if it is already so warm now, I wonder how warm summer is going to be over there :)
      wish you a great week Rena!
      <3 xoxo

      • I’m still happy with you that you met him :)

        This warm weather period is not usual here in Bavaria. To be honest even in Summer it’s often colder than at the moment … but the weather forecast told us that the weather on Sunday would be cold! I’m not so sad about this message because although I have daily the walk with my husband (equal how the weather is) I like it to stay at home in the house and bad weather is a good alibi for this habit :)

        xoxo Rena

        • Oh, thank you dear Rena, that is so kind of you! Summers in Ireland are never too hot, which is so so perfect for me personally, as I grew up in the country of extremely hot summers, I can’t stand high temperatures, I wonder what summer will turn out to be in Bavaria this year, hope Rena it won’t be too hot :) <3 xoxo

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