Any change is for a good reason!


Any change is for a good reason!

Hello my dear lovelies! This is a quick post.  I do apologize for not posting for a number of weeks.  The reasons being:

 1) nasty rains and 2) which is definitely a good one – my dear hubby got a job in beautiful Dublin last Monday. We had to act faster than any Irish stormy winter wind in its high peak! We had to find accommodation, which seemed to me like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE given only couple of days to fulfill this task.  I was super restless with careful packing and very quick cleaning.

I can tell you guys the day when we were moving on the 4th of April was super emotional with lots of tears and farewell hugs.  It was very hard to part with  people I had known for two years.  We happened to meet people who became our good friends.  We absolutely loved there in Cork where I and my family spent and had wonderful times. I hope we will remain good friends and in touch!  I have always been convinced that any change is for a good reason, are you?  will bring good change into our lives as well.

We are all settled home, school, gym, supermarket and GP wise :) We are very happy with the changes in our life. The area where we are staying is absolutely fantastic!  I am finally  free now to continue with my blogging activity.  I shall see you very soon guys, special thank you to those gorgeous gals who showed their concern with regards to my absence.  It is very kind of you to show me your support, thank you so much!!! <333333

On the pictures above is my baby boy in one of the central parks and souvenir shops in Dublin.   So, guys, if you are experiencing any changes in your life right now, these changes are for a good reason if not straight away then in the long run for sure!

Have a nice week every one! <333333


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    • Hi, darling, agree with you, though there is huge amount of rain throughout the year, people still tend to be happy :) thank you for comment! wish you nice weekend! <3 xoxo

    • Hi, sweetie, thank you for lovely words, I love your blog and your style, I am surely on a visit next time around! <3 xoxo

    • Hi, Maddie, thank you so much for wonderful comment! It was very scary when we were looking for accommodation, we just got lucky :) <3 xoxo

    • Hi, Laurina, thank you so much for very lovely comment! Hope you travel one day to Dublin and we could meet up, who knows :) <3 xoxo

  1. Hi dear Zhanna! Congrats to your hubby for his new job! And congrats to you that you are so couraged to move so fast – but although I can imagine how sad the farewell hugs were I believe you will get the reward for your courage!

    And your boy is lovely and obviously really sporty :)

    Wish you and your family only the best – may everything work well for you and please give yourself a praise for your courage <3

    Kisses and hugs from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Hi, my darling, thank you so much for your great wishes and a lovely comment on my baby boy :) you are so right, I would also describe it this way to go somewhere where you have never lived before with no friends or relatives around. I also hope everything will work well for us. Wish you great week my sweet friend! <3 xoxo Zhanna

    • Oh, thank you Diana, will visit your blog as well, and thank you so much for lovely comment, I am so pleased you liked my logo :) that means a lot <3

    • Miss you my darling, come some time to Dublin during summer to meet up, what do you think? love you loads Monika!!! <333333 Zhanna

  2. My dearest friend, how can I forget about you? You are in my mind and prayers, and I hope that all these changes in your life are for the absolute best! I’m also experiencing some changes to my professional life (the job is actually the same, but the bosses are different, just to cut it short). My source for anxiety was the possibility of being relocated from my current facilities (I’d be relocated in the same city though), being that my son’s kindergarten and pediatrician are within steps from my current workplace and the husband also works in these same facilities… For now my mind is rested because it looks like we won’t be relocated after all,… But my workload has somehow gotten bigger and there’s considerably less time for blogging on my side… I’ll try to blog as consistently as I can though, because I really need this in my life :).
    I love your son’s pictures, he’s such a nice and beautiful young man!!! Children adapt to changes much quicker than adults, he’ll be fine too!
    This week Miguel is away on a business trip to Germany, so I’m playing both Mom and Dad roles! It’s the first time he’s away for more than one day since Henrique was born, but I’m confident we will manage just fine the two of us!
    Many hugs and kisses and lots of love to you my true friend!!!
    Tany et La Mode

    • Hello, my sweetie, so nice to hear from you Tany! Thank you so much for lovely comments <3 Missed you greatly I must confess! I hope you and little Henrique are doing great together while daddy is away. You are right my friend, kids do tend to adapt very quick but I am glad for you that you don’t need to change kindergarden or the doctor, especially when you know the people who take care of your baby. My darling, you are doing absolutely fantastic, love your spirits, great hard work, and you look fabulous, I absolutely loved your last look, the red biker jacket is a real steal. Wish you great week sweetie, love you loads, kisses and big big hugs!!! <333333333

    • Thank you sweetie, you are right, I and my husband have been under huge stress, but glad it is all over now :) <3 xoxo

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