Fashion Dress


Fashion Dress

Fashion is full of surprises and innovations.  Fashion always captivates my attention by its beauty.  Beauty is able to provide wonderful vibes when you wear a beautiful piece.  I loved dresses and skirt a lot.  The only thing I wish if there was a brand that would create customisable fashion pieces.  This way I would choose shape and form that would suit my figure.

In this post I am showing you guys one of my favourite fashion purchases.  I purchased this dress last year on sale. I love it a lot! It has great silhouette that does make my figure look more beautiful proportion wise.

I do like my figure as it is though I still think I need to work out a bit to make it look better.  I am sure 99% of women all over the world won’t be happy with their physics completely. Every woman will still think that she can get rid of this and that, enhance this and that part.  It is totally understandable, we are humans and it is in our nature to thrive for perfection all our life.  Fashion is one of my great motivations to achieve a dream figure.

The weather is nice today.  I was able to wear my favourite fashion dress from Warehouse, which is not in spring colors at all, but I do love it, it features micro floral print and it is in A shape, the only one that suits me :(((

I teamed it with a sandy trench, purchased from fashion Russian brand  two years ago in my home city, Esprit shopper bag…fashionimage.alt

and DIY snood that you might have seen in my last outfit.

This is it from me for today, wish you a wonderful day my fashion friends!!! <3

fashiontrench.alt fashionlook.alt fashiondress.alt



  1. Hello my darling, just dropped by to say I didn’t forget about you and I miss you everyday… I understand sometimes we need some “time off” from blogging and the internet and hope that is the case and everything else is well… I don’t want to intrude or press you in any way (that’s why I didn’t comment until now), just want you to know that I think about you and always wish you the best. Many hugs/kisses, lots of love and please be well :********
    Your friend Tany

    • Hi, Sandra,
      this is so kind of you to stop by and leave a line for me <3 I am fine, I am just busy at the moment with few things which forced me take some time off blogging :( Wish you great weekend ahead my love, was very nice to hear from you <33333333333 xoxo


  2. I have no idea how hard it must be to move to a new place, I bet it would be challenging for me as well!
    I really like the dress you are wearing- I am a big sucker for floral print! :) And I really like how you belted the dress & gave the look a bit more structure!

  3. Hello my darling!!! You look marvelous in this very feminine outfit, it suits you wonderfully! The dress is beautiful and I like it with the black tights and black shoes, which create the effect of longer legs (and you don’t seam like you gained some weight, you look very elegant, IMO).
    I’ve been busy today: it’s my birthday so I went to the beauty salon to get my hair, manicure and pedicure done, then we went to have lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant. Too bad it was raining cats and dogs all day, it wasn’t possible to take outfit pictures,… Tomorrow is a national holiday in Portugal, “The Day of Freedom”, and I’m getting some family over to celebrate my BDay,… Hope it doesn’t rain, so I can take a few pictures then, but the weather forecast is not very promising…
    Hope you’re doing fine sweetie, you’re in my thoughts, many hugs and kisses <3333333333333
    Tany et La Mode

    • Hello, my dear friend! Happy Birthday again Tany! I hope you had a great day despite the weather. This is such a wonderful way of being pampered on your B’day, I mean salon and lunch at a restaurant, I am very happy for you darling! Hope the weather will improve and you can have a nice party with your family, wishing you all the best my friend and thank you so much for visiting my blog on your birthday, this is so nice of you Tany, seriously, you are a fantastic friend! Lots of love, kisses and hugs! <333333333333333

      • My darling, just dropped by to wish you a fast recovery… I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. Hope you’re being well taken care of. Have you been to the doctor? I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I’m asking him to prescribe some tests. I am a bit worried, hope there is nothing wrong, I’m probably just being paranoid but I’ve been feeling strange lately and I want to be sure everything is alright.
        Many hugs my dearest friend, please get better quickly <3333333333

        Tany et La Mode

        • Hello my gorgeous, thanks you so so much for your care and support <3, this is so kind and nice of you my darling <3
          I do feel better thanks to Nurofen which I happened to accidentally stumble upon :), I haven’t been to the doctor’s yet but hope it won’t be necessary. Tany sweetheart, believe me, you are absolutely fine and that’s what doctor is going to prove you. You have been under some stress recently, but luckily everything got resolved, keep enjoying your life and stay always positive my dearest friend <3333333333333 Love you hugely Tany, kisses and lots of hugs!!!! <33333333333333

  4. Hi dear Zhanna! So sorry that you don’t like the weekends and all your relatives and friends are so far away … to be honest in the past I was neither a fan of the weekends because there were sometimes really difficult. But fortunately know I like the weekends mostly, looks like I have learned to enjoy them :) I also enjoy your spring like floral dress, which is cute and looks absolutely great on you <3 Wish you that the next weekend will be at least okay for you … and only the best for you and your lovely, little family my dear friend.

    Hugs and kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
    International giveaway: Love & Peace

    • Hello my lovely friend! Thank you so much for your understanding, support and very kind wishes dear Rena <3 I greatly appreciate that. I am truly happy for you that you are no longer in the position of disliking what is supposed to be the most enjoyable part of the week, this is really great as it makes up huge part of our life and something that stays in our memories. I am so pleased that you liked my dress, it is very simple, but cute so I do enjoy it every time I have it on. It was very nice to hear from you my darling! Wish you a happy Friday tomorrow! Love, kisses and hugs! <3 Zhanna

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