This Is Not A White Shirt!


This Is Not a White Shirt!

Let me tell you that!

I hope you guys don’t feel too annoyed by seeing another post dedicated to this classic basic wardrobe piece :)  I decided to have a little fun whilst working on this post, remember my recent post about Surrealism , it was then when I got inspired by this Rene Magritte’s picture besides I have a beautiful white shirt, bought on sale.

A white shirt is such a unique piece, just like a little black dress, appropriate for any occasions in fact.  You will always look hot in it just as your bum would in good old pair of Levi’s!

My White Shirt

  Unfortunately, I am not able to take a new picture with a white shirt right now.  It is still chilly outside, so I had to refer to my photo archives where I found this picture,  taken last year in the park when all mummies and kids had a day out in the park after school. For the first time visitors, I am on the left :)shirt-stylehenge.alt

Throughout all my life so far, I have had only three white shirts, and this one on the picture is my third, I love it a lot, especially the price that I got if for :)  it is silk, loose, airy, very light, pure summer shirt and also perfect for beach.

White Shirt Associations

What do you usually associate a simple white shirt with? I used to associate it with military and school uniforms, but all that was to do with my memories, whereas now, the boundaries have been considerably pushed far beyond.

I and my baby boy had little fun with this picture :) showing all my possible associations with white shirt, let me know yours, I will add up to the board!shirt-stylehenge2.alt

White Shirt Sweet Memories

My very first white shirt was bought for me by mom when I was about to become a Pioneer, I was 11 or 12 years old.  At the time of the former USSR I and my classmates had to make the first step towards Communist regime by becoming Pioneers, on that ‘important’ day girls had to wear a dark blue or dark grey pleated skirt, a white shirt, a red tie and a red forage cap and proudly pronounce the legendary Pioneers’ moto: ‘Be ready! – Always Ready!’ something like that, please don’t ask me what we had to be ready for, as I still have no idea, probably to defend our country :)sovietpioneers.alt

Next memory is to do with my first job interview in UK, I had this A line skirt and suit on, but I didn’t have an appropriate shirt to wear it with, so I bought this my second white fit shirt from beloved M&S, which successfully landed me my first job in UK.

White Shirt Trends

I am sure you are aware of the fact that WS   is a ‘must have’ for any girl’s or woman’s wardrobe, well as long as your boyfriend or husband has one, that’s fine :)   This is the basics of basics and is the potential ‘lightning N1′ to strike you as soon as you open your abundant closet and realize:  I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!

It caters different styles from strict dress code to light romantic, from Preppy to beachwear. I think white shirt as a piece has undergone huge fashion transformations, so  if you have 10 different white shirts, you can easily build ten different looks. I guess the design and detailing are the key points to consider. Which one is your favourite?shirt-trend-stylehenge.alt  I love Topshop a lot, especially their jeans range, I assembled this whole look from brand, WS + jeans with torn knees, this teaming is probably the most popular right now.shirt-set-stylehenge.alt

How do you wear your WS if you have one?  I had been sifting through Chictopia archives for hours spotting all the looks featuring white shirt as a central piece in the outfit before I was able to arrange them into collages appropriately. So here we go:


Ok, this is the ultimate unbeatable eternity that goes far beyond any trends:  super popular, super easy, super simple, super fast, super affordable, super elegant, super savior!!! NOBODY can ever possibly get it wrong in any life changing situation.

Did anybody say monochrome is boring???? :)blackandwhite.alt


This combo on a par with little black dress is able to do instant magic by turning us into trendy ladies casual daily wear wise, this combination is super popular, very classy, chic, sexy etc…… I honestly think that any white shirt will go with jeans, these two pieces are so classy and timeless, just match in heaven!shirtandjeans.alt

2. WS + Denim/coloured shorts

The next most popular combo is white shirt and denim shorts, perfect for summer, effortless, very comfy and beautiful option for hot summer days! Team it up with flats, slip ons, trainers, sandals, wedges…. some funky sunglasses, bright fashion jewellery, loose hair…. light makeup, and off you go, ready to seduce :)whiteshirt-shorts2.alt


3. WS Vs Preppy Style

Well, Preppy style is about ‘good behavior and good manners’, and in this case WS is the one to channel that impression to the world. I like when WS is layered with a knit vest.  While searching, I was also quite surprised, I guess because I have fallen out of time :) at how many looks I managed to spot where WS is accessorized with a black bow. It looks very pretty, I am not sure if I ever wear my shirt like that, but still it is very charming and cute!

Please, don’t think I am getting older :-))))!!!! whiteshirt-preppy-style.alt

4.  WS + Skirts

Super beautiful and super romantic combination IMO! It is a very easy option which can leave unforgettable impression and make you feel gorgeous.  I personally love this duo for the simplicity, just like white shirt and jeans, the same effect, what do you think gals? is this your favourite one?whiteshirt-skirts.alt

5. WS + Knit

Last but not least in this trendy survey is WS + knit, I associate this layered duo with uni or college, not Preppy but just like another unofficially declared uniform, that has become so trendy and looks especially cool if to top it up with a statement necklace.

What do you guys think? Not your favorite ??  I would love to hear which one of these 5 trends reflects has taken to your heart and let me know how you wear your white shirt.  Thank you for stopping, spending time to read and leave comments, I love to know what you think!  Hope you enjoyed your time here :) wish you great week ahead!!! <33333



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  1. Hi!
    Love u photo with Lidia:)
    It is pure pleasure to read u post in the free time. U could write article or column in to the magazin. Love You feedback with u sence of humor. Completely agree about timeless black dress and WS.
    WS always work as long is pure white;). Personaly I have 2 WS and some tops. My favorite is relaxing almost sumemer look, with little tan on skin.
    Ciao bella!

    • hello, my dear Monika!!! How are you sweetie? Thank you so so much, you have always been so supportive, encouraging and inspiring! Love you my friend! I am so glad that you enjoyed the post and not only the pictures but reading it, as this matters to me more to be honest with you. Wish you great Easter holidays! Lots of kisses and hugs to you and sweet Franio! <3333333

  2. Hi dear Zhanna! First I want to say that you look beautiful and chic in your white shirt and I like it how you combined it with the grey pants. This post makes me simply happy because I love love love white shirts and although I didn’t count them I think I own at least 50 white shirts and it looks like as if I still don’t own enough. I wear my white shirts with denims, with black pants, with grey cargo pants, with red pants and for sure with shorts – and much other pants …. But I just recognized that I wear seldom white shirts with skirts :) And I love it really to wear a white shirt under a sweater. So I thank you so much for your great inspirations – now it looks like as if I must wear tomorrow a white shirt :)


    Lots of kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Hello, my dear friend! thank you so so much for all your wonderful comments!!! I am so pleased that my post served as source of inspiration for you to wear a white shirt :) Thank you for all you beautiful comments that you leave for me Rena, you are absolutely fantastic! <333333 Zhanna

    • Hi, Maggie sweetheart! I am super pleased that I somehow managed to make you happy and smile, and thank you for the kindest words my friend, I am truly moved! wish you a very nice evening! <3 xoxo Zhanna

  3. This was such a great, well put together and informative post! I really had the chance to learn a lot!
    I don’t have a white shirt in my closet since middle school where it was obligatory to wear white shirts on festive occasions in school! But this post definitey reminded me of how many verstatile looks can be gained by such a simple piece! :)

    • Hi, Maddie love! Big big thank you for a wonderful compliment, I just feel fantastic that I made something nice and interesting, something that you found useful. Wish you great evening darling! <3 xoxo Zhanna

    • Hi, my dear Oriana, thank you so so much for beautiful comment, you are right, this small piece can be styled in so many different ways and make us look gorgeous! Wish you great evening sweetie! <3 xoxo Zhanna

    • Hello, sweetie, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a wonderful comment for me! I am glad you found my post inspirational as well, kisses! <3 Zhanna

    • Hello lovely, thank you so so much, I am very pleased that you have enjoyed the post, as I was putting all my effort and imagination for you guys :)) <3 xoxo Zhanna

    • Thank you dear Maggie for beautiful comment, and also for all the support of yours! I greatly appreciate it! <3 xoxo Zhanna

  4. Hey sweets! When I was younger white shirts reminded me of a horrendous waitressing job I had! But nowadays, I think of wide parallel trousers, chic feminine & masculine looks, power dressing and bow ties. Not so sure why I think of bow ties but let’s just say a crisp white shirt in my opinion is a staple!!! Great post hon! X d

    • Thank you darling, fantastic comment!!! You are right, waitresses do wear white shirts, don’t they?! Need to add it to the board, thank you for sharing your opinion love! wish you great week! <3 xoxo Zhanna

  5. What a wonderful read my friend!!! Love your in-depth articles on style and trends and your white shirt article is no exception! It has your signature all over it, a personal note, a hint of humor, your musings and loads of inspirational photos to choose from!! Bravo, very well done!
    Now I’ll explain my relationship with white shirts: I almost always got stains when wearing a white shirt and some of the stains where not cleanable, I’m afraid,… But I love WSs and I kept buying and wearing them (I don’t remember ever sewing a WS… All the ones I own where purchased, if I’m not mistaken); my favorite has a small stain on one of the cuffs so I don’t wear it as often because I always remember the stain is there even if nobody notices it; It’s a thin chambray white shirt with frilled cuffs, very gothic/lolita style that I got many years ago from Mango!
    I also remembered another way of wearing white shirts and I know you’ll love it: layered under masculine vests or layered under a bustier (really love this last option!).
    Hope you’re getting a good rest my friend! I’ve just put Henrique to sleep and now I finally get some time to catch up on my blog roll!
    Many hugs and kisses, hope all is well, <3333333333
    Tany et La Mode

    • Hello my dear darling! Thank you so much Tany, goodness me, this is the most incredible feedback I have ever got since I started blogging! I am so so pleased that you have enjoyed my post :)
      I see your point sweetie, and I am sure 99% of women will agree with you, white shirt is the basic and at the same time is very tricky to wear, always have to watch not to get it dirty, that’s why my mom has never owned a white shirt, though she is the most cautious person I have ever known in my whole life.
      Yes, darling you are right, I like this option a lot, a white shirt under a bustier, love it! When I used to work as a teacher back in my country, I had this student girl, who was actually a fashion designer but studied English to do MD in UK, so one day she came to the lesson wearing a white shirt and a cable knit bustier AND matching arm warmers, if I can call them like that, her whole look did impress me so much, it is still in my memory :)
      I am having better rest now, as my son is having Easter holidays, so we don’t need to wake up early in the morning for another two weeks, YAY!!! I don’t know sweetie if you believe in horoscopes, I kind of tend to believe :) look, I am Aries, my hubby is Taurus, and our son is Scorpion, we all are ‘horoscopically’ very stubborn people, so yeh, my baby boy does give me hard times from time to time :)) Wish you great week sweetie, thanks again for your fantastic comments! Love you loads my friend! <333333333333

      • Hi sweetie,
        I’m not sure I believe in horoscopes (at least I don’t believe in magazine horoscopes) but there was once a time in my life (in my teens) when I became very interested in astrology and actually learned how to make astral charts :))). I don’t remember how anymore but I’m a Taurus (also known for his stubbornness!!) and I remember my ascendant being Scorpio (what a fiery combination, don’t you think!?) . Miguel is Pisces (not the most compatible sign with Taurus, according to my read on the subject) and Henrique is Leo (hence his very strong will, lol!). Have a wonderful week ahead too, my friend and enjoy your rest!! (I’ll take the next week off so hopefully I’ll be able to rest and “unwind” from all the stress I’ve been feeling lately).
        Lots of kisses and hugs, <3333333333333
        Tany et La Mode

  6. First of all, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it really warmed up my heart! and Secondly, what a great post you have here! Lots of information, inspiration and fun ways to communicate what is in your mind. To be honest, I only have one white shirt (more like a blouse, kind of girly and it short sleeves) but for some reason I did not see in how many ways I could be using it (I only wear it for work). I really love how you show ways to dress it up and dress it down! I will def be showing my white shirt here soon! Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi, Milu! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment my darling! I am super pleased that you enjoyed my post. Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it! <333 I am also happy that the post has been inspirational and informative for you. Wish you great week Milu! <3 xoxo Zhanna

    • Hi, Sandra! thank you so much for your wonderful support that you have always shown to my blog <3 Wish you great week! <3 xoxo Zhanna

  7. As Michael Kors says, wearing white next to your face makes you look younger and brighter. I love white blouses and white dresses myself, but unfortunately, they also seem to attract stains. Also, I loved the Magritte joke—his exhibit is here in Houston and I was tempted to get a shirt with his famous “this is not a pipe” painting on it.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    • Exactly, that is so true, white shirt does make any person look younger, that is what I could add to my associations :) Thank you for lovely comment love <3 xoxo Zhanna

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